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No child should feel alone

Before Half the Sky, many children in China who lost their families were fed and sheltered, but not loved. Deprived of loving attention, they could not thrive.


Half the Sky has worked since 1998 to make sure that every child knows her life matters to someone. Step by step, we are helping China to reimagine its approach to child welfare.

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HTS Journal - Apr 2014
2008! If you've already read Wish You Happy Forever, you'll know that 2008 was a one-of-a-kind year for Half the Sky in many, many ways. In addition to the freak snowstorms across southern China, and the massive earthquake in Sichuan Province, and my Olympic torch-bearing adventure in Chongqing, and Half the Sky’s long-awaited legal registration in China, and the fantastic opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing (whew!) somehow I was also lucky enough to win the Skoll Award — something given to a few "social entrepreneurs" like myself who are not merely trying to do good in the world, but to change systems — the way we do things — trying to make the world work better.

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Excited to be joining our #Austin #family at @BookPeople for #WishYouHappyForever reading with @JennyBowenHTS April 23!

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