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The Infant Nurture Program

The little ones in Half the Sky's Infant Nurture Centers make their journey from sleeping infants to lively toddlers with the help of Half the Sky-trained nannies with whom they develop deep emotional bonds. These are the bonds that are crucial for healthy brain development.

Half the Sky’s nannies, workers from the local community, are trained to act as every parent who has fallen in love with a child intuitively acts – they sing, play, cuddle, hug, and generally dote on their charges. In so doing the nannies help babies avoid the problems that are so common in institutionalized children who have been fed and clothed, but not cherished.

The nannies learn to recognize the signs of delays. They learn simple therapies to help the babies reach developmental milestones. They learn the art of responsive care: watching their young charges, listening to them, and providing nurture and stimulation as it is needed.