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Half the Sky’s 2nd Children’s Center opened in 2000 serving the Hefei Children's Welfare Institution with an Infant Nurture Program and Little Sisters Preschool Program. A Youth Services Program was added in 2003 and a Family Village Program was added in 2009. It serves as a provincial Model Children’s Center.

Hefei is the capital of Anhui Province in central China, north of the Yangzi River, that divides the province into two parts. Because of its location on a mountain saddle between northern and southern states, Hefei was frequently fought over in the 4th to 11th centuries AD.

A famous Three Kingdoms battle was fought at what is currently Leisure Ford in Hefei. General Zhang Liao of the Kingdom of Wei commanding 7,000 picked cavalry defeated the 100,000-men army of the Kingdom of Wu. Several decades of warring in Hefei between Wu and Wei followed this battle. During the Song Dynasty, Hefei was a frontier strategic town against the Jin Dynasty.

A quiet market center until 1949, Hefei served as a collection center for grain, beans, cotton, and hemp. Since then it has become an industrial center through the development of a cotton mill, a thermal generating plant, chemical plants, an iron and steel complex, and an aluminum industry.

In modern times Hefei has become the industrial, cultural, and scientific center of Anhui Province, and the home of the prestigious University of Science and Technology.

The months of May and June see a diminished air quality level in Hefei. The city is blanketed by a foul-smelling smog, caused by the smoke generated as farmers outside the city burn their fields in preparation for planting the next crop.


Hefei Children's Welfare Institute (and Hefei social welfare centre),
Mid Wuwei Rd, Xinzhan district,
Hefei, Anhui, China 230001
安徽省合肥市新站区 魏武路中段(丰乐生态园向东1000米)


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Rainbow Training Base